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What are Tenant Placement Services?

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, August 12, 2019

What are Tenant Placement Services?

Imagine that you are a homebuyer looking for home to purchase. Typically, you would work with a real estate agent to help you find and show you properties; make offers and negotiate on your behalf; and, finally, help with all the contracts and documentation. We at 24 Hour Property Management have taken this model and have adapted it to assist tenants looking for their next home. We perform each of the steps listed above at absolutely no cost to you.

Why should I use your Tenant Placement Services?

There are a few significant benefits in using our services. First, all the properties that we have access to are from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which means that they are 100% legitimate rental properties and not phony scammers. Secondly, instead of you trying to make appointments with multiple different landlords on their timetable, we can take you to each property when convenient for you. In fact, when possible, we try to take you to see three or four in a row. Lastly, and perhaps best of all, this service is completely free to the tenants we serve. The landlord pays us a finder’s fee for bringing them qualified tenants.

Contact 24 Hour Property Management, Inc.

We’ve helped hundreds of tenants locate privately owned condos and single-family homes. If you any questions about tenant placement services, please contact us so that we can answer your questions and advise you. You can reach us seven days a week at 949-409-8585 or you can check us out on the web at