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Should I Hire A Property Manager?

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, January 6, 2020

Should I Hire A Property Manager?

Oftentimes, investors ask us if they should hire a property manager. Our response is: it all depends on what your goals and bandwidth are. If you have a property or two and don’t have any issues with managing the property or filling vacancies on top of your other daily responsibilities, then you may not need the services of a property manager. However, like flying first class, you may not realize how incredible a property manager is until you’ve tried one. For a nominal fee, property managers handle everything from late-night maintenance requests to rent collection. Basically, at least with 24 Hour Property Management, you don’t need to do anything except authorize expenditures and collect your monthly disbursements. Most real estate investors enjoy the services of a property manager, while others are hands-on and prefer to handle everything themselves. The answer to whether you should hire a property manager depends on what you are willing to take on or delegate to a third party.

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