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Required Notice When Terminating Tenancy

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, June 17, 2019

In California, when terminating tenancy for a lease in which terms regarding such are not stipulated—when the tenant is on month-to-month, for example—you must give a 60-day notice to any tenant that has lived at the property longer than one year. If the tenant is on a month-to-month and has been at the property for less than a year, only a 30-day notice is required. 

Conversely, if terms for terminating tenancy are written into the lease, these terms must be followed. At 24 Hour Property Management, we encourage owners to put tenants on a year lease that stipulates that either party must give 30-day notice prior to termination of the lease. Essentially, towards the end of the eleventh month of the lease, we have a discussion with the owner and notify the tenant if they are eligible for a renewal. If eligible, we give the tenant a few days to accept or notify us of their intent to vacate the property.

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