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How Often Do You Send Out Owner Statements?

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, December 2, 2019

How Often Do You Send Out Owner Statements?

Every month, once rents have been collected, fees, taxes, and expenditures deducted, and net proceeds have been distributed electronically, we will send out an owner statement that details the activity for the previous month. The statement is typically dated around the 7th and sent around the same time. We generally send any associated documentation at this time, such as receipts or paid invoices.
The statements list the beginning cash balance, which may include any maintenance reserves we are holding, as well as additions and subtractions from cash. The second page also includes a detailed transaction list that lists the dates and amounts of rent, management fees, and owner disbursement, as well as any repairs or maintenance that may have occurred during the statement period.
Whereas we send these statements monthly, occasionally an owner asks for quarterly or semi-annual statements. We can accommodate any schedule as long it is not less than monthly. Furthermore, an annual statement is sent every January.

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