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How Many People Do I Have to Interact with at 24 Hour Property Management?

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, September 30, 2019

How Many People Do I Have to Interact with at 24 Hour?

Many property management companies have multiple points of contact for their clients. You may have to talk to one person when you’re on-boarded, another about the ongoing management, a third about maintenance issues, and still a fourth for accounting/financial questions.

That may be a fine model for them, but at 24 Hour Property Management we believe in giving you a single point of contact, one property manager that answers all your questions and provides all your updates. If you have a question about your monthly statement or about the progress of a certain repair, or about the quality of an applicant, you can ask your property manager. Similarly, when we must notify you about late rent or send an invoice for unclogging a drain, it will come from this very same person.

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