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How Extensively Do You Vet an Applicant?

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, November 25, 2019

How Extensively Do You Vet an Applicant?

We’ve found that the majority of landlords, landlord agents, and property managers find that a credit check is sufficient to qualify an applicant. This level of investigation is sufficient for 97% of applicants. However, at 24 Hour Property Management, in addition to the standard credit check, we perform a background check that includes criminal and eviction histories. And it’s really that 3% you need to be wary of. Whereas we are primarily on the lookout for crimes that involve violence or theft, we do see a smattering of violations, misdemeanors, and other lesser crimes. Couple the background checks with the level of investigation we perform on each tenant’s financial health and character, you get one extensive and near foolproof screening process. 

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