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How Does 24 Hour Property Management Handle Inspections?

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, July 8, 2019

How Does 24 Hour Property Management Handle Inspections?

At 24 Hour Property Management, we generally conduct the following types of inspections: Move-in/Move-out, Semi-Annual, and Renewal. 

Move-in/Move-out Inspections

During the move-in, we perform a walkthrough with the new tenant and document the condition of the premises. Additionally, when a tenant moves out, we conduct a walkthrough and document the condition. Often referred to as a MIMO (Move-in/Move-out), these inspections are compared and used to determine the final disposition of the tenants’ security deposit and are included as part of our standard property management services. However, since most leases are a yearlong, how can an investor and his or her property manager keep track of the condition in the interim?

Semi-Annual Inspections

As an optional service, we recommend that all our investors take advantage of our Semi-Annual Inspection. For a $100 per inspection, we’ll visit the property semi-annually with two goals: (1) to check on the property condition in order to address any minor issues before they become larger; and, (2) to make sure the tenants are adhering to the terms of the lease. We generally recommend the semi-annual inspection to occur at or around the sixth month, but some investors request that they be completed more frequently, for example in the fourth and eighth month.

Renewal Inspections

Finally, as part of our standard property management services, we also conduct a renewal inspection. To ensure that the property is inspected at least once a year, when a tenant elects to renew for an additional term, we will conduct an inspection similar in scope to the semi-annual one, but at no additional charge.

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Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of investors rent their properties and we’ve conducted many property inspections.  If you have additional questions about the types of inspections we perform, you can reach us seven days a week at 949-409-8585 or you can check us out on the web at