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Are Move-In Inspections Important?

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, May 6, 2019

Are Move-In Inspections Important?

Move-In Inspections are important because they create a record of the condition of the property as of the day that the tenant took possession. When the tenant moves out, he or she is responsible to return the property to the condition it was in when they moved in. At this time, you should perform a Move-Out Inspection to compare against the Move-In inspection to uncover any issues caused by the tenant that were not remedied prior to them moving.

What makes a good Move-In Inspection?

A good Move-In Inspection contains a checklist, usually organized by major room or section of the home. Each section contains subitems for walls, floor, and other room components. Each subitem should have some sort of scale, such as bad-fair-good or 1-5, etc., that allows you to easily and quickly notate the condition of each room component. Most important of all, however, is there should be visual evidence. You must take photos or video of the questionable items for future reference. We use an app that contains the checklists and grading scales as well as labels and attaches photos of questionable items to a detailed, well organized final report. However, one can find online forms and attach photos manually if so inclined. 

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