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4 Things to do First with your Investment Property

24 Hour Property Management - Monday, April 1, 2019

4 Things to do First with your Investment Property

When you buy an investment property, the four things you should do are:

1. Start the rehab immediately

Unless you purchased a turn-key property, you’ll likely need to put some work into it, such as update the flooring, replace the counter tops, or maybe just put on a fresh coat of paint or replace some screens. Whatever is needed to make the property appealing and inhabitable, make sure you get the contractor or handyman in there Day 1 so that the work can get completed ASAP.

2. Have the home professionally cleaned

Once the rehab is done and all the fixes are in place, make sure you hire a professional cleaner to sanitize the interior. It will show better in the photos and the prospective tenants will appreciate it.

3. Take professional photos

One of things we have learned at 24 Hour Property Management is that the quality of the photos really helps sell the property to buyers and tenants. A few cell phone photos don’t do a property any justice.

4. Get it on the market

The quicker all these steps are completed, the quicker the property can be shown to potential tenants, the quicker a quality tenant can be selected, and the quicker your cashflow will begin.

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